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CCL Pentasol launch a new design 25L polypack

21st September 2011 General News

CCL Pentasol are pleased to announce the introduction of a new 25L polypack container with added Safety features. The new containers, moulded in HDPE, are designed with Health and Safety in mind and a specially designed vented channel which offers the following:

  • Smooth emptying without the “glug” of a conventional container
  • Elimination of dangerous splashing during the pouring of chemical
  • More precision when pouring
  • Guaranteed total discharge of the container
  • Approved for the packaging of hazardous liquids in accordance with UN Transport Regulations
  • Improved design to achieve stable “stackability”
  •  “Closed “ handle which is comfortable on the hands and gives easy rinsing
  • Moulded label area to avoid damage to labels in transit/storage

CCL Pentasol are committed to improving the Health and Safety aspects of Chemical Handling whenever possible.