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Acid Based Products

In the Food and Drink Industry, scaling on surfaces is a common problem. Scales can develop from processing or rinse water or from the raw materials used in product manufacture. The presence of scale can interfere with processing by blocking the transfer of heat or by allowing dirt and microbiological deposits a surface to adhere to. Scales can be an integral part of biofilms and, due to their porous nature, can prevent 100% post clean disinfection occurring. A layer of opaque scale can also destroy the aesthetics of a stainless steel surface, giving the impression of dirt. Removal of the scales found in the Food, Brewing, Dairy and Drinks industries can only be achieved by using a correct blend of acids and detergents.

CCL Pentasol have formulated a wide range of Acidic products which contain blends of inorganic and organic acids along with detergents and emulsifiers designed to dissolve and remove all forms of scale. These are available in the form of Thin Film Cleaners, Foams and both high and low foam formulations for hard surface cleaning. For example:


A specially formulated acid foam product for descaling and brightening of all common surfaces found in the Food and Drinks industry. Free rinsing and leaving a streak free finish ACIDFOAM is also effective against proteinaceous soils.


A useful acidic thin film cleaner for use where a long contact time is needed. Easily applied using standard foam application equipment and quickly rinsed away using a minimum of water.


A concentrated, low foam acid cleaner for CIP and heavy duty recirculation cleaning.

CCL 300

A low foam blend of acids specially designed to remove hard water scale, milk stone and protein deposits from stainless steel equipment found in the Food, Drinks and Dairy industry.


A safer, non-corrosive descalant that is safe to use manually on all surfaces including stainless steel, aluminium and soft metals.