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Caustic Based Products

Caustic soda based cleaning formulations have been used for many years in the Food, Brewing, Dairy and Soft Drinks industries to remove soiling and scale in a variety of engineering installations. These vary from simple Traywash and Bin Washing equipment to very complex “Cleaning in Place” units (CIP). The choice of caustic soda strength, chelate/dispersant blend and the addition of other chemical components such as defoaming systems, scale modifiers and solvents, is very complex and needs experience to avoid potentially expensive problems. CCL Pentasol have a long history of formulating specialist products for CIP, boil-outs and tray-washing. This, along with the expertise of system auditing, makes sure the correct product is used at the correct concentration, temperature and time to ensure cost effective results. The CCL Pentasol range of products is extensive and includes:

CCL 10/10, CCL 10/20, CCL 10/25 and CCL 10/30

A range of caustic based products designed for recirculation and CIP applications. Each product has a unique additive system to ensure quick penetration and rapid removal of soils and scales.


A heavy duty product for use where high temperature defoaming properties are required.


The Pentacip range of products have been especially manufactured for the Brewing and Soft Drinks industry. The formulations have been designed to remove the varying soils and scales encountered in such areas in a cost-effective manner.