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Chlorinated Speciality Products

Chlorine and Hypochlorite based formulations have been employed for cleaning and disinfection for over a hundred years. They are very effective and, at the correct concentrations and used in the correct way, can give extremely cost effective results. However, with the present concerns over Health and Safety and environment, it is essential to employ specially formulated products combined with the correct training. CCL Pentasol will provide the specialist knowledge, technical back-up and service to ensure a safe, effective use of chlorine based formulations.


A non foaming chlorinated liquid caustic designed for use in CIP applications. Ideal for storage tank, tanker and filler cleaning.


A silicate free concentrated liquid caustic/chlorine detergent sanitiser for a wide range of soils and scales in the Food, Drink and Dairy industry.


A chlorinated liquid detergent specially designed for use on butter making equipment. It is designed to include agents which leave working surfaces friendly to the butter making process.


A chlorinated detergent for manual cleaning or foam cleaning. It is formulated to provide long-cling properties when used on complicated shaped machinery and vertical surfaces.