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Dairy Sector

The Dairy sector of CCL Pentasol provides a range of Cleaning and Hygiene products to attain fast, effective and efficient cleaning in all aspects of milk, milk by-products, yoghurt and cheese production.

Quality in the Dairy Industry is dependent upon achieving the highest standards of Hygiene and Disinfection. CCL Pentasol can offer a business partnership where a chemical/engineering regime can be implemented to achieve this. By installing "tailor made" cleaning in place (CIP) and open plant cleaning (OPC) packages, energy, water, chemical and waste costs can be kept to a minimum, reducing operating costs and overheads and therefore increasing turnover and profit.

CCL Pentasol are also the market leaders in Membrane Cleaning offering a comprehensive range of products for cleaning and maintenance of all types of filtration systems.

Product Range

All products are available in a range of pack sizes from 25L to Bulk Tanker