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Disinfection in the modern Food Processing factory is an essential part of the day-to-day Hygiene. Whether it is "break" cleaning, CIP disinfection, utensil cleaning or post cleaning terminal disinfection, the correct product used at the correct concentration is a "must" for obtaining microbiological control. The application technique and in-use parameters are all important when choosing the most cost effective product for obtaining the best results. CCL Pentasol have a wide range of disinfectants for use across the many facets of the Food and Drink Industry. Whether the application is low foam, high foam, detergent single stage cleaning/disinfection or straightforward post clean terminal disinfection, then CCL Pentasol have a formula to suit.


A very effective, novel Quaternary Ammonium based formulation with exceptional biocidal activity. The product has been developed to pass all the major European biocidal tests at 4°C at a concentration of 0.5% v/v and also holds the Marks and Spencer approval.


A non Quaternary Ammonium based product for effective post-clean disinfection which has also obtained Marks and Spencer approval. The formulation is designed to be effective at 4°C at a concentration of 1.0% v/v.


A unique thin film disinfectant for control of Listeria species. Simply applied using foam applicator or sprayer, regular use of the product will control microbial build up in areas where water retention is a problem.


A low foam formulation for use in CIP systems or applications where foam is undesirable.


A Quaternary based neutral detergent sanitiser for 1 or 2 stage cleaning in all food preparation areas. Ideally developed for utensil washing, boot washing and general cleaning.


A powerful alcohol based product for quick, fast drying disinfection of surfaces where time does not permit the use of standard, water-based products.