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Hard Surface Cleaners

In the deep cleaning of processing equipment, it is essential that the correct product is employed to eliminate the possibility of corrosion or damage. In the CCL Pentasol range of Hard Surface Cleaners there is a product to suit all situations and scenarios, whether the substrate be steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic or any other fabricated surface.

FOAM 315

A chlorinated alkaline foam for use in the Food and Beverage industries. Will give excellent dwell time on vertical surfaces and complicated machinery shapes. Very cost-effective product.


A very heavy duty caustic based foam for removal of burnt on, carbonised soils.


A blend of chlorinated components and alkali to give good grease cutting properties coupled with the ability to form a foam when used with foam generating equipment.


An "aluminium friendly" product for removal of fats and oils on soft metal installations.


A combination of wetting agents, sequestrants and emulsifiers for fat and grease removal in the Food and Beverage industry.

GP 15

A 15.0% active blended detergent for economical cleaning of all washable surfaces.


A neutral solution of wetting agents, emulsifying agents and non-toxic solvents for removal of printing inks, adhesives and marker pen soiling.