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Thin Film Cleaners

Since the 1970’s Foam cleaning has been employed in the cleaning and disinfection of Food and Drink Processing Plants with good results and, indeed, still has a large role to play in certain applications. However, the modern factory has economy and environmental issues in mind and needs a method of cleaning and disinfection which is environmentally and user friendly. The Thin Film Cleaning range (TFCs) has been designed to give maximum results with an effective method of reducing water consumption, time and cleaning costs. The range has been designed to cover the removal of all aspects of soiling with alkaline, caustic, acid and disinfectant based formulations available. TFCs provide a long dwell time on all surfaces including vertical and complex shapes, providing a long contact time combined with easy rinsing and cost effective results. The products are especially effective on irregular or rough surfaces where standard foams struggle to achieve coverage.


A unique disinfectant product for areas where bacteriological standards are essential. Especially effective against Listeria species and “slime” forming bacteria. A very useful product in areas where standing water is a problem.


A chlorinated caustic containing 6% active chlorine specially designed for stubborn soil and grease removal.


A chlorinated caustic containing 3% active chlorine.


A highly built caustic based product ideal for poultry plant and abattoir cleaning.


A concentrated chlorinated alkali with 9% active chlorine effective against protein based soils and stubborn bio-films.


A milder alkaline product for effective cleaning of sensitive metals and surfaces.

TFC 500

A specially formulated product for effective removal of oxalate scales. Particularly effective in the Brewing and vegetable processing field.


An acid based formulation for the removal of scales and acid soluble soils even in the presence of fats and oils.

TFC 800

A nitric acid based product for specialised descaling.